A Few Notes on Style

Among my goals here was to create a site that had a reasonably clean look and invited the eye to move forward. Most engineers with online portfolios are prima facie designers, so at a minimum I wanted to create a look that would be similarly modern and clean. Likewise, when it came to posting code, I wanted it to show properly without the hassle of mark-up taking over the entire site. I was looking for a “Goldilocks zone” somewhere between a modern blog and a code repo, if there is such a thing. I have experience developing sites with WordPress, and its flexibility seemed like a good fit for achieving the proper balance.

Responsive Design

Along with a clean lines, I also wanted the user experience to “survive” reasonably intact on different devices. While I don’t really expect anyone to pour over this site from a mobile phone, I certainly wanted it to hold up. It would be a pretty weak tech portfolio if the HTML fell apart on anything but a desktop. Looking for more than dynamic content delivery, I wanted to fit responsive design into the equation. And while there are many “responsive” theme designs in WordPress, none that I reviewed seemed to really deal effectively with my expectations for the design process or the end result.

Pagelines Platform 5

As a Pagelines DMS developer I was familiar with their boiler-plated elements and how they worked within the WordPress framework. Platform 5 enables simpler plug-and-play elements as well as a more logical (to me, anyway) code organization that lent itself to adoption for this site. This is my first site with Platform 5 – and given my experience in working with it over the past few weeks – it won’t be my last. Even though it took longer to launch the site than I anticipated, the net result – both on the development side and in the dynamic presentation layer – was much greater than I had hoped or expected.

WordPress Toolkit

This portfolio entry describes some of the advances and compromises I’ve made while creating this site. For those that are interested, all themes, plugins and other components that I have modified for this site can be found on my Github page which is also linked in the footer below.