Following on the success of the cache warming process, executives worked with some of the larger partners (Apple, Google, etc) to deliver a feed of upcoming sale items – and their related conversion and up-sell options – in a file feed that could be retrieved shortly before a sale event. This meant creating an API service for retrieving that feed, which was very similar to the process that I had created for warming the cache.

In this case I wasn’t making a request from the database, but rather simply requesting the feed file through the web method that was implemented. Once that was complete, I simply iterated through the file and validated each item using the SOLR index as a baseline.

Once the feed file was validated, a status byte was set that allowed the file to be pulled by a partner with a valid cert. This ensured that partners always received a complete and correct feed file for caching item information (including URLs to graphics, conversion marketing tie-ins, etc) on their side. Like the cache warming process, this validation process was deployed as a jar with the service, and was executed on each server just before each hour.